Easy Peasy Queen’s Road Cinnamon Swirls

by bfbaker

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During my final year at university it would be a regular occurrence in Queens Road that it would get to about 11PM and we’d all start craving something sweet. Now sometimes this meant a group trip to one of the two 24 hour shops near our house but, if I was feeling so inclined, it would often mean I’d rustle up something tasty for us. I found this cinnamon swirl recipe was perfect because it didn’t require any eggs (something I wouldn’t often have lying about) or yeast. And it made delicious, gooey cinnamon rolls in the blink of an eye (okay, that’s a touch of hyperbole, but…fairly quickly, anyway).

So, having recently moved back home for a little bit after graduating, I’ve found myself missing my housemates, our lovely house on Queens Road and our little traditions and routines. Thus, just as it was getting late on Friday night (yep, I am admitting to being at home on a Friday and baking), I decided to whip up a batch of Queens Road cinnamon swirls…



Plain flour – 400 grams

Caster sugar – 4 heaped tablespoons

Baking powder – 2 teaspoons

Salt – a generous pinch

Butter – 75 grams

Milk – 175 millilitres


Butter – six tablespoons

Brown (I tend to favour muscovado) sugar – 200 grams

Ground cinnamon (it’s kind of dependant on taste.) I’d say a good amount is 3 table spoons but, as I say, it’s up to you how cinnamony you like your rolls.


Icing sugar – 300 grams

Milk – 100 millilitres


1.    Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees.

2.    Pop all dry ingredients – flour, sugar, salt and baking powder – into a large bowl. Remember to sift that flour and baking powder to get it all nice and airy.

3.    Rub in butter.

4.    Add milk slowly and whisk up until you get a fairly pliable dough.

5.    Pop it onto a flat, well-floured surface and begin to knead. I find if you wash your hands with cold water before you begin to knead the dough it makes it a lot easier to handle and stops the dough sticking to your fingers.

6.    Work the dough into the flour until it is pliable and not too sticky. This takes about five minutes or so, and then roll it out into a rectangle about an inch thick.

7.    Pop your butter, brown sugar and cinnamon into a bowl and mix it together until it forms a gritty paste. You can do this with a mixer but I prefer to just get stuck in with my hands; theres something pretty satisfying about squishing butter and sugar between your fingers.

8.    Take the paste and spread it generously over the rolled out dough, completely covering the entire surface.

9.    Tightly roll the dough into a swiss roll type of log.

10.Take a sharp knife, carefully coat the blade with flour, and cut eight inch thick rolls.

11.Place onto baking tray about an inch apart and bake for 20/25 minutes.

12.Once a nice golden colour, take out of the oven and allow to cool.

13.Mix together the milk and icing sugar and, once rolls are fully cooled, drizzle the glaze over the top. Or, if you have a hoard of impatient people in the house, serve straight out of the oven, hot and dripping in icing delicious!

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