Poisoned Apple Cocktails

by bfbaker


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I remember every year, as a child, apple bobbing at Halloween. For me this pastime is just as synonymous with All Hallows’ Eve as trick or treating and eating far too many sweeties. However, now happily in my twenties and with a penchant for tasty cocktails I thought this game could use a little updating…


25 ml apple schnapps

50 ml vodka

75 ml cherry juice

The juice from ¼ of a lemon

Caster sugar to rim the cocktail glass


1.Take a wedge of lemon and use the juice to wet the rim of your glass before dipping it into a little dish of sugar. Leave your glasses to one side whilst you whip up your cocktail.

2.Thinly slice a nice crisp apple and drizzle with lemon juice to stop the flesh turning brown.

3.Place your schnapps, vodka, cherry and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker with ice and blend all ingredients together with a little shimmy.

4.Pour cocktail into your sugar-rimmed glasses and place a slice of apple in the top. Careful now, they’re lethal….