Cheeky visit to Cake International at the NEC!

by bfbaker

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So many incredibly inspiring creative cakes!

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Gorgeous vintage crockery (although we resisted not going too mad here, our house is already crammed full of vintage pots, plates and teacups!).

The last thing I wanted to do today after three hours sleep and a hefty night out of gin and dancing was fall into the car and travel to the NEC in Birmingham, even if it was for a cake exhibition. However, it was one of those beautifully perfect Sunday mornings, where the air was clear and cold, the sky ridiculously blue and the winter sunshine was gloriously bright. And, once we were on our way I was incredibly glad I hadn’t languished in my bed all morning feeling sorry for myself.

The entire exhibition hall was filled with people milling about, clamouring to look at the stalls; stalls which were filled with baking ingredients, cooking supplies, pastry cutters, sugar pastes, flavourings, pots and pans, cupcake cases, demonstrations on how to create fondant Santa clauses and millions of different coloured lustre dusts! There were also several gorgeous stalls filled with vintage teacups, plates, aprons and beautiful milk bottles (I was very restrained and only got one!).

I was spoilt rotten today and treated to lots of goodies; The Great British Book of Baking, three “Foodie Flavours” (peppermint, violet and rose!), cute mini square Christmassy cake cases, a stunning little glass milk bottle, heart shaped cookie cutters and the most beautiful cream and stainless steel food mixer! I feel like an incredibly lucky girl today.

I’m so excited to use all my new bits and bobs and cannot wait to return to the NEC next month for the Good Food Show!!

How did you spend your Sunday?

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Looking hungover and working the hobo hat.

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