The Barefoot Baker does Budgeting…

by bfbaker

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Images belong to me and were taken in Borough Market, London.

Now, for my latest post for Britain Does Vintage I thought a little about student cooking and how to make food go a little further for less. This means recipes where a little goes a long way and can feed numerous people or dishes that enable you to freeze leftovers to create another one or two meals for yourself. It isn’t always easy to make something from scratch every night but that doesn’t mean we want to have to reach for the microwaves meals either, so it’s always handy to have some tupperware filled with a tasty treat in the freezer.So next time you make too much chilli, or pasta, don’t chuck it away. Save it. You never know when, after a long day, it might be just what you need.

Furthermore cooking great meals doesn’t have to cost a lot either if you’re smart about your ingredients. Verity, a friend of mine and fellow blogger, runs a fantastic blog full of delicious looking dinners that definitely could not be accused of trying to break anyone’s bank account. So, if you’re cooking on a budget be sure to give Easy Peasy Student Cooking a gander!

What are your great money, or time, saving tips for in the kitchen?