Happy New Year!

by bfbaker


Image from Pinterest, however didn’t have a link attached to it.

Happy New Year, my lovely darlings. I hope your nights last night were suitably boozy, fun-filled and utterly befitting for seeing in the new year. I spent mine with my nearest and dearest friends from home in a fairy light decked house with numerous bottles of Prosecco, various tasty dishes (I made tagine, Georg brought samosas and pakoras, Becky brought mountains of yummy nachos and Lorna had baked some chocolate and sour cherry stars) and it all culminated in the electric slide on my living room floor, dancing on chairs and screeching Taylor Swift songs at the top of our little lungs. All good stuff. Now, I shall be posting my tagine recipe tomorrow but I thought, as I sit here beneath millions of blankets, that it would be a nice idea to make a few culinary/blog resolutions that I hope to achieve this year.

  1. Have a bit of a play around with the look of the blog itself; I want it to look less wordpress and more Tasha. If anyone has any tips/site recommendations please hit me up.

  2. Try more fish and try to involve it more in my recipes.

  3. Make at least one totally new recipe every couple of weeks.

  4. Daringly, attempt to make a croquembouche.

  5. Keep making time to cook/bake.

What’re your new year’s resolutions?