Brilliant Balsamic Red Onions

by bfbaker



When I led a meatless life I used to despair of folk who would lament I was missing out on so much flavour in my food. And, yes, whilst meat adds all different kinds of tastiness I never felt like I was missing out, really. Spices, oils, vinegars, herbs, cheeses, fruit and vegetables – sharp, sweet, tangy, savoury – I really did have a wealth of variety. One of my very favourite things was – is – the salty, sweet, sticky tang of balsamic red onions. You can make a batch of these onions and eat them with a nice sharp cheddar on crackers, sprinkled on a pizza or, as I did, use them to line my goats cheese tart!


3 red onions

5 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

A few sprigs on fresh thyme (totally optional, but yummy)

  1. Chop your onions up into half-moon slithers then pop in a saucepan with your balsamic vinegar, sugar, seasoning and thyme.

  2. Cook on a low heat until the balsamic thickens and becomes gloriously sticky and deep, deep purple. Taste it – if it needs more salt or pepper, add away and enjoy. So simple.

For the tart I simply rolled out some lovely puff pastry, popped on the onions – leaving a wee border – tore up some goats cheese, drizzled with a little oil and whacked in the oven for 40/50 minutes on 180. I finished with a wee bit of torn up fresh basil and watched it disappear.