Grown-up Ginger Cake

by bfbaker



I’m getting right into this colder weather malarky and, once again, the ginger, cinnamon and cloves in my cupboard are getting a thorough work-out. One of my favourite Wintery treats – albeit it is far more Christmassy than October should allow – is ginger bread. And I mean like proper ginger cake not just normal gingerbread cookies (although between me, you and the gatepost there is a recipe for that coming up…).

This recipe belongs to that of my culinary goddess – Nigella Lawson. It’s incredibly rich, sticky and – according to my co-workers – even appeals to those who don’t particularly like gingery flavours. It’s a deep, earthy and spicy little treat that makes your fingers sticky and which, as it’s cooking, fills the house with the most beautiful, festive sent. And, the fantastic thing about this cake, is it keeps for up to two weeks in an airtight container which is excellent news because – 1. cake for longer and 2. this recipe makes a heck of a lot of cake!

How are you combating these cold, dark evenings?


150 g butter

200g golden syrup

200g black treacle

125g muscavado sugar

2 tsp grated ginger

2 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp ground cinnamon

½ tsp ground cloves

1 tsp bicarbonate of soda dissolved in 2 x 15ml warm water

250ml full fat milk

2 eggs, beaten

300g plain flour

  1. Preheat your oven to 170.

  2. Pop your butter, sugar, syrup, treacle, gingers, cinnamon and cloves into a saucepan over a low heat and until everything has melted and is nicely combined.

  3. Take your saucepan off the heat and stir in your eggs, milk and bicarb.

  4. Sift your flour into a bowl and pour in your liquidy mix. This is an incredibly “wet” mixture but don’t fret – that’s what makes this bake so scrumptious and sticky.

  5. Pour into a large tin, lined with greaseproof paper and bake for 45-60 mins until it is risen and firm on top.

  6. Leave aside to cool and continue baking once out of the oven and enjoy!

Perfect with tea or coffee or warmed up with a little custard or ice cream!