Happy New Year + Wapping Market (naturally)

by bfbaker

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Happy New Year, my darlings!

Hope you all had a wonderful festive period and have had plenty of time off work!

I’m not a huge fan of January – or February for that matter – but I do love the idea of a fresh slate, of a whole new year to fill up with all sorts of nonsense both good and bad. I know it sounds somewhat cliché, and you can start a new regime or make a promise to yourself at any time, but I think it’s a great opportunity to cast an eye over the past and look into what’s coming next. I haven’t made specific resolutions that are cast in stone but I have had a few quiet little conversations with myself (truly, mad as a hatter, you see) and set myself a few guidelines for 2015.

Of which, one massive one is to ensure I still make time for the kitchen and for experimenting with new recipes. Another is to not neglect this blog but to nurture it – to fill it with anecdotes and recipes and photographs of foodie moments I have.

One such recent moment I had was when we took a jaunt to Wapping Market. It isn’t quite the grand affair of Borough Market, nor the chaotic mess of Portobello but it is a thoroughly lovely Sunday morning visit and, if you live out in East London, I’d say get yourself out there ASAP and enjoy some of the tasty treats they have on offer.

There are organic veg stalls, charcuterie, coffee, cakes, muffins and food trucks galore. We ate a pork belly baco (British Taco!) that was insanely tender and tasty from The Roadary and purchased lots of lovely veggies for our dinner later that day. I was also incredibly naughty and bought the gooiest, most delicious brownie (coffee, chocolate and caramel – oh my!) I have ever had in my life from Kooky Bakes.

What’s more, all the stall owners were immensely friendly and willing to chatter with me about their products which for a curious wee gal like myself is always a positive. Also let’s you learn about where what you’re eating has come from and about the people cooking it up for you.

With fantastic local businesses and small start-ups, fab riverside views and oodles of variety, I’d highly recommend you get yourself down there one Sunday. I am certainly intending upon returning as there was a chicken burger there with my name on it!