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by bfbaker

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So, I am currently sorting through some of the lovely recipes I discovered/cooked up over Christmas and New Year, however, I have been meaning to write about one of my final Christmas presents which was delivered to me in early January.

Adam had bought me a V60 filter gift set from Pact Coffee which  entitled me to 3 lovely bags of coffee and (as the name would suggest) a V60 filter, a mug and a cute wee tea towel. Anyone who knows me at all will know a foodie/drinkie (?!) – what the devil is the word for those of us also interested in drinks too? Snobs? ; ) – present is pretty much always going to be a winning present with me.

My first bag of coffee I received was Inza Cauca from Colombia and is described as “blackcurrant and cherry crumble” and, let me tell you, from the second you crack open that bag you get a big old whiff of a scent that really is reminiscent of the beautiful, caramelised crumbs you find on top of good old fashioned crumbles. And when you take your first few sips you’ll feel the kind of acidity that cuts through your mouth when eating sour, or tart, fruits like blackcurrant or cherry. This makes this coffee perfect for the mornings and will clear your palette off nicely!

I’d never used a V60 before – and I have to say I do prefer a cafetiere – but it’s great for making one quick cup of coffee and because you can just plop the filter filled with coffee grounds straight into the bin (unless you save your grounds for the compost heap? Does wonders for the soil!) it makes it an extremely no-fuss affair. Sometimes extricating coffee grounds from the cafetiere seems like far too much effort of a morning.

Pact are a great company based in Bermondsey – they roast their beans in small batches, will grind for you if needs be and let you decide how frequently you have your coffee delivered (they deliver to anywhere in the UK). I think it’d be a great investment if you, like me, love a really good cup of fresh coffee and I’m pretty certain I will be signing myself up to regular deliveries once my Christmas Present is all used up!