Steak Glorious Steak

by bfbaker

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Right. So this week I moved into a new flat. This new flat means I no longer have a horrendous commute and it also means I am once again running about in my own kitchen like a lunatic. Thus, this means I have to continue this wee blog of mine which I have missed something rotten over the past few months but simply didn’t feel as though I had the head space to deal with it, or the creativity for that matter. However, the move has inspired me to start it all again. So, here’s the first dinner I cooked in my new kitchen…

For the past few days I had been really craving steak, and even though I’m not the biggest fan of it, I am a huge advocate of listening to what your body wants so I decided to obey. I went for some lovely steak medallions as they weren’t too fatty and looked nice and meaty and like they’d curb my craving pronto! I looked to Rosie, from Cider with Rosie, for my steak-spiration as I recalled reading a mouth-watering steak recipe on their from her.

I served up with blanched asparagus and home made garlic and rosemary sweet potato wedges. De. Lish.

Also, this meal made my want for a cast iron skillet even stronger. May have to treat myself next month!


2 steaks

Extra virgin olive oil

Balsamic vinegar

6 cherry tomatoes

2 big cloves of garlic

3 sprigs of fresh rosemary

Cracked black pepper

Sprinkling of sea salt

  1. Pop a nice big glug of oil into a bowl, add in a couple of table spoons of the balsamic, sprinkle in salt and pepper, crush one garlic clove and just chop another into chunks and stir together with your sprigs of rosemary. Add the rosemary into the marinade and massage it into your steaks.

  2. Leave the steaks in the bowl with your marinade for at least an hour – longer is fine too – but remember to take it out of the fridge at least 40 minutes before cooking as you want it to come up to room temperature.

  3. I have the heat under the pan for a good five minutes before putting the steak in as I want the edges to get that lovely caramelised, almost burnt burnt flavour but have to have the middle a nice medium-rare. About three minutes on each side and leave to rest for five seemed to cook these a treat, however, I think steak is one of those ones you have to play by ear as everyone has different preferences and methods!

  4. Whilst cooking the steak, I popped the cherry tomatoes with a little balsamic and garlic into a sauce pan and allowed to cook until soft and sweet. This is a great alternative if you’re not planning on serving your steak with a sauce as it add a gorgeous, sugary and fruity edge to your meal as well as using the tomato’s natural acidity to bring out the flavour of the meat.

  5. Serve up with some tasty sides and enjoy!